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Welcome to the site of the R2R International  Migration & Education Group 

We Are:

·         A Philippine based international education, visas & migration consulting group composed of a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals with a track record of success in assisting clients (professionals, new & recent graduates, students and families) in pursuing global education, career advancement & migration opportunities in various countries.

·         Collaborative joint venture partner for Philippine - Asia of top immigration law firms in Canada, Australia & NZ which complement our visas & immigration services for clients onshore & offshore and the Philippine representative - agent of leading educational institutions  which complement our overseas education services

We Provide:

 Visas & Immigration Services

·        Wide range of visas & immigration services in various countries 

     (Australia, Canada, NZ, US, UK & Other Countries) including:

o  Skilled Migration Categories for Professionals & Skilled Workers

o  Family Sponsored Migration (Fiance(e), Spouse, Common Law & Same Sex Partner

o  Child, Parent & Other Eligible Family Members

o  Business Migration for Entrepreneur, Investor & Self-Employed

o  Temporary Visas (Student, Internship, Visitor & Other Visas)

o  New, Denied & Appeal Cases 

·        Full service visas & immigration supports  to clients in  pursuing Migration thru Education (Student-Work-Migrate) Pathway   in Canada, Australia & NZ  pursuant to existing immigration rules

o  Student Visa (With Part time work permit)

o  Student Dependant Visas  | Spouse Open Work Permit

o  Post Graduation / Student Work Permit

o  Permanent Residence

o  Citizenship

        International Education | Study Abroad 

·         One stop study abroad solutions to clients intending to pursue global education and career advancement focusing on countries that provide "Study-Work-Migrate" pathways -These include  assistance in:  course & school selection, enrollment, IELTS, visa, health cover, travel and accommodation arrangements.  After studies, we are able to assist them in applying for Post Graduation Work Permit and/or  Permanent Residence in collaboration with our partner immigration law firms in Canada, Australia & NZ. 

        As  Philippine Representative - Agent of leading educational institutions worldwide,  we have the advantage to assist clients in facilitating course & school selection and  enrollment  with the best possible deals on tuition fee & payment terms.  Moreover,  our partner schools in Canada, Australia, NZ & USA have the following unique advantages:

o   Canada - Most of our partner schools are “PUBLIC”, a  requirement for international students to be eligible for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) up to 3 years after competing their studies and if they are married, for their spouse to be eligible to work full time (during and after studies of student)  in Canada on a “Open Work Permit”

o   Australia - Many of our partner schools are DIBP Australia approved TRV 402 visa sponsor which enables them to sponsor students for a paid internship work placement (equivalent to full time employment) up to a maximum of 2 years after completing their course.

o   New Zealand -  Most of our partner schools offer  a one (1) year Level 7 Diploma & Post Graduate courses in various disciplines which qualifies the student for a Post Study Work Permit (up to 3 years).  Furthermore, they offer English test &  programs that will qualify the student applicants for admission without taking IELTS

o   USA - Most of partner schools offer Undergraduates (Diploma & Bachelor Degrees) and Post Graduate courses  eligible for the CPT and OPT work permits which will enable F1 students on  visa to work (part/full time) while studying and after studying (1 to 3 years)

·          Assistance to  Nurses intending to undertake Bridging Programs to become RNs  in Australia, NZ & Canada in collaboration with Partner nursing institutions -  Further leads to  Temporary and/or Permanent Migration upon meeting the immigration criteria 

International Language Supports

·         English & French language exam preparation programs tailored to assist   intending students and immigrants in meeting the language  requirement for their visas, school admission & professional recognition in  various countries:

o   IELTS Prep  Coaching / Review  Programs -   20 or 40 hrs review programs delivered in-class or online tutorial platform  by highly experienced IELTS coaches


o   French (TEF & DELF) Language Training & Exam Preparation Programs -  Minimum of 120 hours (depending on the needs of client) delivered in-class or online platforms by highly trained & experience French language instructors

Services for Educational Institutions

·       Win-Win Marketing CollaborationIn undertaking course promotions and student recruitment including management of their offshore or regional office to build strong presence in the Philippines  -  an emerging market for international students recruitment. Our local market familiarity, positioning and experience coupled with a dedicated  marketing team will ensure the best results for our partner educational institutions in meeting their promotion & student recruitment targets.

·      Organizing Promotional Seminars, Expos & Road shows for Partner Educational InstitutionsThese events are organized exclusively for partner schools and are attended by pre-qualified and pre-registered prospective students (mostly new graduates & young professionals) to ensure high quality of the attendees. Hence, partner schools can expect a more effective  results in terms of promotion and student recruitment than  participating in traditional education fairs which rely mostly on walk-ins.

‚Äč·       Collaboration with  Philippine colleges & universities, training & review Centers & alumni associations as well as  professional organizations - In conducting information seminars, assessments  and assisting their  graduates, candidates & members aiming to pursue global education, career advancement & migration opportunities for their next career moves.

Study Philippines

·         One stop Study Philippines services to foreign students intending to undertake Bachelor and Post Graduate Degree Courses (MBBS/Medical, Nursing, Dentistry, Engineering, Hospitality, Aviation & IT) in the Philippines These include University placements, visa assistance, travel and accommodation arrangements

·         Online ESL for University Preparation before undertaking  Bachelor or Post  Graduate course in partnership with Macquarie University Australia 


Our Winning Advantage and Dedication to Client's Service

We are a solution and results oriented firm whose prime focus is our clients' success in pursuing global qualification, career advancement & migration opportunities in their preferred countries.

Our team operates  in accordance with the highest possible standard of professionalism, integrity, confidentiality and dedication to clients service 

Our advantages lie in the dedication, expertise and long years of  experience of our professional team backed up by an established  track record for clients' success  coupled with our strategic alliances with partner immigration law firms and academic institutions in various countries in providing full range of  high quality international education, visas & immigration services in various countries for clients onshore & offshore - which separate us from the rests and put us at the forefront of the industry. Notwithstanding this, our fees remain to competitive and payable in affordable terms.

How Can We Help?

We are committed to assist clients with the best legal ways of pursuing global education, career advancement & migration opportunities in their preferred countries pursuant to existing immigration rules.

While the visas and immigration process in most countries are designed to be transparent and open, the reality is that such are continuously complex, ever changing and far from being straightforward. It is for this reason that retaining a consulting firm who has the integrity, knowledge and experience to assist you through the process becomes an advantage.

We take pride in being able to establish a track history for clients' success. Our commitment for success and  service excellence in the best interest of our clients remain as our top priority while maintaining a high code of ethical conduct and professionalism in all aspects of our operations"

Live your dreams | Join our successful clients | Contact us for any  international education, visas & immigration concerns | We are happy to help as your success is our business!

- The R2R Int'l Consulting & Management Team